Tips for Composing Trailer Music

Jonathan Wright

Jonathan is a soundtrack and video game music composer based in London, UK. His music has been used in trailers, video games and on TV, including shows on NBC, CBS, Discovery, History, EuroSport, the BBC, Channel Four and Channel Five.

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  • Stephen Cullo

    Thanks Jonathan for being so generous with your info. If I could put in a request, I’d LOVE to see you do an article/walkthrough on building a production music template. Thanks again!

    • Jon

      You’re welcome Stephen. Thanks for your request, it’s noted!

  • Martin F.

    Thanks for the tips, I would like to ask if you are creating your own synths and sound effects or you are using it and modifying from bought libraries. Thank you 🙂

    • Jon

      You’re welcome Martin. A combination of both! When time is tight, I’ll usually reach for synth presets that are close to what I need, then edit them. If I have some time to spare, I’ll fiddle around and create my own.