Orchestral String Libraries Compared [Updated]

Jonathan Wright

Jonathan is a soundtrack and video game music composer based in London and Cambridge, UK. His music has been used in trailers, video games and on TV, including shows on NBC, CBS, Discovery, History, EuroSport, the BBC, Channel Four and Channel Five.

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  • Zac Nelson

    That was a great read. I was wondering if you’ve heard of `Soaring Strings’? They are a new string library. I have started to use them alongside Sable and EastWest and also Albion One. Here is a track where I used Soaring Strings for the `soaring’ melodies, the runs are Albion One, and various other string parts from Albion One and Sable. https://soundcloud.com/zacnelson/stories-of-heroes

    • Jon

      I’ve heard good things abut them Zac, I’ve so many string libraries now I’m trying to resist the temptation to grab new ones 🙂

      • Zac Nelson

        Yeah, I TOTALLY know what you mean!! I took the plunge on Soaring Strings because there was an intro price, and I was getting annoyed with the legato bumps in Hollywood Strings…. I never bought HS anyway, just used it through the Composer Cloud.

        By the way, with solo strings I’m REALLY positive about the Virhamonic Bohemian Violin, in my opinion it’s a game changer! The Bohemian Cello should be coming out soonish, I may end up being a beta tester for it, I’ll let you know!

        • To Be (The Critic)

          Haven’t been too crazy about the Bohemian in my use. The vibrato is a bit much and full on. Vs a player who would taper it in and out to taste. Prefer the Chris Hein atm myself. Agreed on the Soaring Strings tho, along with their other offerings. Pretty sweet, esp for the price. Nice that they’re local as well.

          • Zac Nelson

            I also got Adventure Strings recently, which works really well!

  • Stephen Selby

    Could anyone possibly do me a favour? I have Sable (fantastic but smallish) Hollywood Strings (can’t stand play engine and not really much hall sound) Symphobia (limited) Sphere (so so)

    I’m tempted to buy Mural but Spitfire demos sounds a little synthy to my ears.

    I’m also tempted to buy Albion 1 or 2 and layer Spitfire. However it is almost impossible to test these products.

    Would anyone be willing to render a midi file I can send across. No tweaking simply load up Violin 1 Tree, Viola Tree, Cello Tree and render out 2 bars of audio so I have a direct comparison. All sustains. Wouldn’t have thought it would take long.

  • Ross

    I’m trying to convince myself not to spend anymore money on a new library as I already have Hollywood Strings Gold and use it for sometimes big, sometimes small arrangements. Do you think there is any reason to update to a newer library such as Spitfire or CSS?

    • Jon

      In the end it all comes down to the sound of the library, if you like it and if it will fit into your style of music. Spitfire libraries have an incredible sound though and I find they complement Hollywood Strings well.