Plugin & Sample Library Developer Links

Plugin & Sample Library Developer Links

A selection of the most popular DAW, effect plugins and instrument library developers.

A selection of the most popular DAW, effect plugin, sample library and instrument library developers currently on the market.

Digital Audio Workstations

Apple Logic Pro X
Popular Mac only DAW, with an excellent set of included sounds and plugins.

Ableton Live
A favourite of dance and electronic music producers. Excellent for sound design and audio manipulation.

Avid Pro Tools
Industry standard DAW for audio engineers.

Cockos Reaper
A tweakers’ dream! Reaper allows you to customise anything and everything to fit your workflow. Not for everybody though, as many essential functions require the installation of third-party scripts.

FL Studio
Recently releasing a Mac version to complement their established Windows offering. FL Studio takes a pattern-based approach to music composition.

Presonus Studio One
A relatively ‘young’ DAW, with a fast pace of development and often taking a new approach to implementing features.

MOTU Digital Performer
A particularly good DAW for composing to picture.

Steinberg Cubase
One of the originals. Cubase has arguably the best MIDI editing feature set of any DAW.

Sample Library Developers

Developers of several popular libraries, including Cinebrass.

Cinematic Studio Series
Creators of Cinematic Strings and the excellent Cinematic studio orchestral instruments.

East West
One of the first developers to record a full orchestra in the form of the ‘Hollywood Orchestra’. It still sounds fantastic to this day. Very affordable using their Composer Cloud.

Orchestral Tools
Recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin, these libraries have a unique sound, from traditional up to Epic.

Spitfire Audio
Their flagship ‘Symphonic Orchestra’ sample libraries were all recorded at Air Studios in London. Where Hans Zimmer records his soundtracks.

A Dutch developer that specialises in slightly more esoteric instruments and orchestral phrase libraries.

Instrument libraries that tend towards epic and experimental, rather than realistic.

Plugin Developers

A personal favourite of mine. FabFilter offers a high-quality selection of mixing and macerating plugins with beautiful, easy to use interfaces.

Developers of Ozone, the ever popular mastering suite.

Native Instruments
Developers of Kontakt, the ubiquitous sampler and sample player. They sell a vast amount of libraries, instrument and effects.

Developers of Hive, Diva, Zebra 2 and Zebra HZ amongst others. A favourite of film composers.

Slate Digital
Popular selection of plugins that unashamedly hope to ‘colour’ your sound and imitate traditional mixing consoles. Offer affordable subscriptions.

Creators of an astounding selection of effects plugins. Definitely a 'must have' product.

Creators of Omnisphere, an incredibly powerful sample and synth workstation. If I were going to recommend one synth to buy, this would be it.

Universal Audio offer ‘powered plugins’. You need to have one of their audio interfaces to run their software in your DAW. Their plugins are top class and some of the best in the industry.

Top quality but highly affordable reverb and modulation plugins. Highly recommended.

Vengeance Sound
At first glance their plugins may only seem suitable for electronic music, but they can be applied to many genres.

Waves offer a vast selection of plugins that should cover almost any mixing task. They regularly have special offers.

As well as instrument libraries and VEPro, VSL also sells some excellent mixing and mastering plugins.