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The Top 5 Tools for Composing Stock Music

A speedy workflow is everything when it comes to producing high quality music quickly and to a deadline. I’ve put together a short list of the tools for composing stock music I use every day and would find it much more difficult to work without.


Composing Stock Music – Getting Started

I’ve been asked for advice on best way to start composing stock music and how to begin seeing some profit from all the hard work spent slaving away at a computer. Following on from my previous article on the subject, I’ve attempted to answer a few of the most common questions that crop up.


What is PRO Registered Music?

Many stock music websites offer PRO (Performance Rights Organisation) registered music. It can get quite confusing trying to figure out what this means and how it affects the license you purchase.


Where to download Royalty Free Music

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of online marketplaces where you can download royalty free music. This article gives a quick overview of some of the biggest players, with the pros and cons of each stock music library.


Composing Stock Music for Production Libraries

Composing for stock music libraries is becoming an increasingly popular – and in some cases profitable – pastime for musicians. However there is a lot more involved than uploading a few tracks waiting for the cash to start rolling in. Like in any business, you need a plan.


How to choose music for your Video, Film or Game

So you’ve come to the point where you need to choose the perfect stock music for your project. Hopefully this article will help you navigate through the world of stock (also called production) music and avoid some of the common pitfalls.