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String Libraries 8

Orchestral String Libraries Compared [Updated]

As a composers, finding that string library that can do everything you want can often feel like a never-ending quest to find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. New libraries pop up every month...

Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 0

Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 – First Impressions

The venerable audio networking solution Vienna Ensemble Pro (for the sake of brevity from now on called VEP) has been updated to version 6. It comes with a long list of new features and improvements,...


Tips for Composing Trailer Music

Over the last few decades trailer music has became a genre in itself, with dedicated production studios such as Two Steps from Hell crossing over into the mainstream consciousness, releasing several albums of their tracks...

Skeleton Template 11

Use Cubase Track Presets as a Template System

The majority of my articles before now have been concerned with setting up enormous orchestral templates using Cubase/Logic and Vienna Ensemble Pro, which is great for people who have slave computers or own a...

Vienna Ensemble Pro 7

Why use Vienna Ensemble Pro?

I’ll always remember hearing rumblings of some music software called ‘VEP’ on many forums a few years ago and wondering what it was they were talking about. Half the posts appeared to be raving...


Watermarking Music and why it is Important

The debate on whether watermarking music posted online has been rumbling along for a while now. Watermarking is a process where the composer inserts a sound or spoken word (such as ‘preview’) every few...


Seven ways to find Inspiration to Compose Music

Every musician has times when their muse appears to have taken a holiday, or being thoroughly worn out has decide to go on strike until it gets a couple of days rest. So how do you find inspiration to compose music?