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Useful Composer Resources

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The Business of Music Licensing – Emmett Cooke

A must have for any composer interested in the production library music industry. Emmett explains every aspect of music licensing and helpfully provides a business plan to help get you started.

The Business of Music Licensing

The Guide to MIDI Orchestration – Paul Gilreath

A hugely detailed and comprehensive guide to creating the most realistic orchestral compositions you can using only a computer. Paul covers a multitude of topics from necessary information about musical instruments and their individual uses, to tips on mixing and arrangement.

The Guide to MIDI Orchestration

Music Library Report

The name says it all! This website contains a comprehensive database of virtually every music library out there (and there are hundreds), with many getting ratings, reviews and comments from the active and outspoken community, many members have decades of experience in the industry. A subscription is required to read reviews and comment, but it’s well worth it.

Music Library Report

VI Control

An immensely useful community of composers who are always happy to give advice and share tips. Musicians of all levels are welcome, with members ranging from freshly baked bedroom composers up to the likes of Hans Zimmer and Charlie Clouser.

VI Control


A web-based service that tracks usage of your music on TV and online. This is especially useful for finding out where your PRO registered music is being used and to find out if you’re missing out on any royalty payments. It’s not a perfect system, and you’ll find an equal amount of detractors and fans of it online, but they are currently offering a free account that allows you to upload a limited amount of tracks. So it’s definitely worth giving them a try.


Groove3 and Macprovideo.com

Excellent video tutorials are available here for the majority of the most popular music software. It saved me a considerable amount of time when switching DAW and needed to be up and running as quickly as possible. Tutorials can be streamed using their web player or downloaded on to your computer.

Groove3 | Mac Pro Video